26 thoughts on “The eye in the pond

      1. I meant the second sentence; how to un-see it. I think it is not possible anymore. Like if you have traveled to some place you cannot delete this travelling, The same is true for the travelling of your mind; once you arrived to a knowledge (recognizing a pattern, an eye in a frozen pond) you can never return to the state of ignorance.

        1. There was a line I remember on a sit-com from some time ago that went something like:

          “I wish I could poke out my minds’ eye”.

          Another, which is good for a laugh after you see someone neked, and it is not a good thing:

          “I’ve gone blind!” [Pause] “One second too late.”

  1. It’s a wonderful water-based image created by nature itself, but I’m missing some important detail that should be added (nature is not always perfect).
    So someone should put a slightly bent branch over the eye, as an eye-brow and then we will have a new art genre :Pond art.

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