Finally, a box too small for Maru!

October 13, 2017 • 3:37 pm

Let us end the work week, as we often do, with a cat—this time a prominent one. Maru is of course Japan’s most famous cat, and perhaps the most famous Internet cat in the world. His forte is entering small boxes, and he’s able to get into very tiny ones. But at last, after many years, Maru has found a box too small to enter. He does try, though!


h/t: Jim

15 thoughts on “Finally, a box too small for Maru!

  1. Ha ha! Poor Maru just can’t resist, even if he can get only one paw into the box. I’m glad that Maru is back.

  2. What I like is the way that Maru’s companion is reclining, but eyes wide open open, ears up. Someone anticipates trouble.

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