Google Doodle celebrates Gloria Anzaldúa

September 26, 2017 • 7:30 am

With this Doodle (click on screenshot to get there), I’ve become convinced that Google Doodles are the HuffPo of search engines. For today, with all possible birthdays to be celebrated (see previous dialogue), it’s marking the 75th birthday of Gloria E. Anzaldúa, described as “an American scholar of Chicana cultural theory, feminist theory, and queer theory.” Google definitely has an ideological agendas behind their Doodles: Here’s part of her Wikipedia entry (she died in 2004):

Anzaldúa described herself as a very spiritual person and stated that she experienced four out-of-body experiences during her lifetime. In many of her works, she referred to her devotion to la Virgen de Guadalupe (Our Lady of Guadalupe), Nahuatl/Toltec divinities, and to the Yoruba orishás Yemayá and OshúnIn 1993, she expressed regret that scholars had largely ignored the “unsafe” spiritual aspects of Borderlands and bemoaned the resistance to such an important part of her work. In her later writings, she developed the concepts of spiritual activism and nepantleras to describe the ways contemporary social actors can combine spirituality with politics to enact revolutionary change.

15 thoughts on “Google Doodle celebrates Gloria Anzaldúa

  1. Well here in NZ the Google doodle celebrates Google’s 19th birthday. Which I would reckon is entirely legitimate.


      1. Because a “scholar of Chicana cultural theory, feminist theory, and queer theory” is a “scholar” of three varieties of nothing – a pseudo-scholar whose “disciplines” should be laughed at, not commemorated.

  2. Use Startpage (alias Ixquick) for private searching rather than Google. (And who did Google promote this day last year? Presumably not the same person on that date each year?)

    1. I’m using Ixquick by the same company that runs Startpage. It received the first European Privacy Seal in 2008 and was merged with StartPage in 2016. Its old engine is still available at, the new Startpage engine at I don’t know if the latter is any different to now.

  3. An archive of ALL previous GDs is here.

    They include ones that were just in some countries and not others.

    What stands out looking at all of them is an International focus.

    THis one posted mainly in Japan should have gotten a mention here. The 18th birthday of the calico cat, Tama, appointed stationmaster of a trainstation in Japan.

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