23 thoughts on “The world’s nicest man

  1. What a strange place to make a nest. I hope the hen makes a nest in a proper place next time.

    The Daring Duckling Deliverer Cup

  2. I love this! I love ducks, too.

    One morning I saw a mama duck and her ducklings crossing the entrance to a parking lot, and the way things were it would have been easy for a driver to not see them in time and run them over. So I stopped and blocked traffic and got out and shooed them to safety.

    Not that that was anywhere as super-neat as this duck rescue! This was swell, and thanks for sharing this with us.

    And when you get back and go down to the water I hope you hear a quacking and find Honey swimming toward you.

  3. That’s a remarkably tame mother duck. Standing there calmly while her ducklings are passed to her.

    It looks to me as if, nesting where she had, she had maybe got to know the humans in the building. Certainly a number of people were aware that she was moving her brood (as witnessed by the several cameras being used).

    But it’s a delightful bit of video anyway.


  4. I dont think he needed to catch them, I’ve seen Ducklings fall farther and land on worse, the Ducklings are so light and fluffy, they tend not to get hurt,and they are ok upto 2 stories, if your worried place a pan of water on the ground.

    1. Yeah, this is not the first vid I’ve seen of a human “rescuing” ducklings that would have been just fine on their own. Still says something really nice about humans, though. 🙂

  5. I watched a family of ducklings leap off a 15 foot high rock ledge onto the concrete path below (at the San Diego Zoo).
    They bounced a bit and were fine, and then struggled with the 6 inch high curb that prevented them from walking into the gibbon moat.

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