Fox rescue!

August 29, 2017 • 3:00 pm

Here’s a mangy fox that got rehabilitated because of nice people. The YouTube notes:

We saw this fox looking really awful and walking in the middle of the road , so we went home and got a cage and some gloves. When we came back he had somehow gotten a piece of culvert stuck around his neck. We cornered him in a culvert and managed to grab him, he was weak and very hungry. We took him home and gave him medicine ( Ivermectin ) and I consulted with a fox specialist on diet and medicine dosage .He was so weak he wasn’t even afraid of us . We kept him for 1 month , medicating him , clean his cage, and feeding him , and providing toys. After 1 month he looked so much better and had actually become afraid us like he should so we released him .

10 thoughts on “Fox rescue!

  1. What wonderful people. Perhaps they should be honorary cats, too! Just because cats are awesome.

    I hope the little guy thrives. Good luck, indeed, Binky!

  2. Imagine if you had that fox, your duck Honey, and a bag of corn, and you had to get them across a river in a boat that could only carry you and one other item at a time. The duck will eat the corn or the fox will eat the duck if you’re not there to keep them apart…

  3. This is a bit of a coincidence insofar as my brother just told me what happened to him recently, involving a wild fox.

    My brother was out on a jog in the local ravine path when a fox appeared on the path in front of him. Usually a fox runs away if he notices one. This one stared at him, then started trotting towards him. My brother was instantly spooked and starting moving away and the fox just kept coming at him slowly.

    Walking backwards as fast as he could, while facing the fox he began shouting at it to scare it. Nothing, fox kept coming at him.
    He kept looking for a rock or stick as he was backing up, finally found a big stick. Pounded it on the path to scare the fox. Stopped it for a moment, stick broke in half, fox began trotting toward him again, following him getting closer sometimes like 15 feet or so. Eventually he got more distance to the point he turned and ran.

    I’m figuring, that probably wasn’t a well fox.

    (I’m deathly afraid of rabies so I would have freaked out).

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