24 thoughts on “My duck is back!

  1. I like your travails with this duck Jerry, and I hope he hangs around a little longer for you. It’s a lovely little story that makes me choke up. Particularly given how bloody awful the world is at the moment.

  2. If the duck doesn’t leave because she is being fed, how will she survive the winter? Do you have to cut off her food supply while there is time for her to fly south?

  3. Since these are most likely not “wild” migrating ducks, they probably won’t go far. We have them here in the Wichita area and they stay around here as long as there is water.

  4. My Duck is Back
    (with apologies to the Angels)

    My duck is back, of her very own volition.
    (Hey, la-di-la, my duck is back.)
    Conclusively proving my determinist position.
    (Hey, la-di-la, my duck is back.)
    When she left me, Oh I thought she was the cruellest.
    (Hey, la-di-la, my duck is back.)
    But now I know that she’ll never be a dualist.
    (Hey, la-di-la, my duck is back.)
    Yea.. she made this great decision
    Not from a compatibilist position
    Aye-oh, aye-oh
    My duck is back

  5. Cool! I guess it’s hard out there for a duck. People shooting at you, nobody handing you food. Jerry’s pond must be like duck heaven! 🙂

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