Satan cat pareidolia

February 6, 2017 • 2:30 pm

In the Leon monologue from three days ago, I missed an example of pareidolia, but it was caught by reader Pete Smith. Can you see it in the original photo?


Yes, it’s a satanic cat!:pareidolia

And while we’re at it, reader Ginger K. called my attention to the Daily Mail‘s article on Alistair Cantley, who spotted the face of Jesus in the door of a bathroom in an IKEA store in Glasgow:

[Cantley] said: ‘It was a fairly normal shopping trip until I saw that. It’s not every day you spot Jesus in Ikea.

‘The door handle was in the way a bit but I think for anyone walking past they can clearly see the face there.

‘I’ll have to call in again soon and see if he’s still there. Maybe he’s watching over me.’



43 thoughts on “Satan cat pareidolia

  1. Oh that Leon is a hot kitty. I believe that wood look is veneer, where they take a picture of the wood grain piece and then just replicate it. That is how Jebus got everywhere.

        1. Veneer is real wood. You can get cheap shelving and paneling with fake wood grain photo-finished onto it, but that’s not veneer.

  2. Most excellent devil cat! Well-played.

    And the jeebus portrait… didnt quite see it at first, but quickly realized this was probably his face a few moments after coming atound in tne tomb. Looks a little shaken by the whole experience.

    And still gotta roll that freakin boulder outta the way.

  3. I guess my detectors are off, the first one looks more like a jack-o-lantern to me. And “jebus” seems to resemble the Gerald Scarfe judge from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” I’m always perplexed, since we don’t even know whether jesus existed, how we know what he looked like!

    That does open for me!

  4. Of course, Satan kitteh sleeps comfortably, warming itself above the portal to Hell while ignoring the screams of the damned below.
    Satan kitteh dreams of warm, lively mice. Yum, yum.

  5. Wow ,that.s settled i now believe in the devil and JC .
    On the Viral Things web site for 2nd Feb there is a photo of an eclipse with devil horns .
    Don’t know how to post a link else i would .

    1. I don’t know how to post images, so you should go here to for an illustration of how the Mona Lisa is more enigmatic than anybody thought.

  6. I’m always amazed that so many people see “J” in so many inanimate objects! We don’t know if he actually existed and, if he did, what he looked like! I wouldn’t trust a medieval painting to be accurate so why should we trust knotty wood?

  7. Not sure if this is technically pareidolia or not, but when I first glanced at the “picture” of Jeebus, I read the name, “Alastair Cantley,” in the lower-left corner, as “Aleister Crowley”.

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