LogiCal: A science and skeptics meeting in LA

December 8, 2016 • 9:00 am

On January 13-15, I’ll be at LogiCal LA: a meeting with a skeptical and scientific theme.  The announcement, along with the conference website, is below.  I’ll be glad to see some old friends there, and note that Sean Carroll is the headliner. There’s also a geological field trip with Don Prothero, but I don’t know the details of that yet. I’m trying out a new talk about both “ways of knowing” (is science the only “way”?) and about the so-called Big Questions before which science is said to be impotent but religion competent.

The venue is right next to the LAX airport, so access is easy. If you’re going, I’ll see you there.

11 thoughts on “LogiCal: A science and skeptics meeting in LA

  1. I suspect Harriet Hall will not be there due to an accident she had while in Austrailia.

    from Eran Segev:

    “To friends and fans of Harriet Hall: While travelling in the Australian outback last week, Harriet had a fall and got badly injured. She is currently recovering from surgery in hospital in Adelaide and her prognosis is good. She is expected to be discharged in a a few days. Her husband Kirk is with her and they are helped by the Skeptical community and in particular by the amazing Dr Paul Willis.
    No prayers required, but well wishes would surely be welcome”


    1. My husband and I are really excited to hear you speak at LogiCalLA! He’s enjoyed your work for years and because of him I started reading and following you too!

    1. Great line up – except perhaps for Gad who seems to have gone off the deep-end recently. It’s a shame….

  2. I see “The Heathens” are scheduled to play at the party Friday night. Don’t miss them. They’re very entertaining.

  3. Unless I end up deciding that it’s just too expensive, I’m planning to go, and to meet PCC for the first time. The lineup of speakers is very impressive!

    If anyone is driving down each day from the San Fernando, Simi, or Santa Clarita valleys, and would like to carpool, please contact me off-list (I’m near the junction of the 118 and the 405). Thank you!

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