PSA: Stalking #CoyneFest

October 14, 2016 • 10:20 am

by Grania

If you are interested in following what’s going on at CoyneFest, several of the participants are livetweeting (as opposed to the other type of tweeting presumably – I cringe every time I hear the word) the events and you can follow it on Twitter at hashtag CoyneFest.

8 thoughts on “PSA: Stalking #CoyneFest

  1. For those not following #Coynefest, there seem to be some interesting things being discussed, including something about hiding in the lab without clothes, nude mountain climbing…oh to be a drosophila on the wall at Coynefest!

    1. As long as there is no reference to anything to do with Donald Trump. Jerry Coyne can hop, skip and go naked if it serves science.

  2. There are some seriously bearded and learned looking folks on hand. The more bearded the more learned looking.

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