Coynefest tomorrow

October 13, 2016 • 3:30 pm

A final reminder that everyone is invited to CoyneFest, which is a symposium at which my former students, colleagues, and other folks I know will give short (20-minute) science talks, mostly on the subject of speciation. The details have already been given (you can find them here), but I wanted to add that you’ll have the chance, for making a very small donation to charity (Doctors Without Borders) to get a commemorative button, designed by artist Tubby Fleck:


16 thoughts on “Coynefest tomorrow

    1. I am sure that the traditional methods of bribery and corruption will rise to the task. What Coyne you pay in (sorry!) is not so clear, but over-ordering is a racing certainty.

  1. Enjoy your party.
    Get a new hole punched in the belt, and a month’s worth of gym bookings to work it off.

  2. I’m only 8 miserable hours away but due to my perpetual poverty, I cannot attend. I do so wish I could. But, they do say “never meet your heroes” but then, I did meet Dawkins, and he was great, so maybe whoever “they” are, they just needed better heroes.

    Have a grand time!

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