Spot the lappet moth larva!

September 25, 2016 • 5:00 pm

Well, the answer is here, so I just wanted you to see this. The caterpillar is, of course, a larva, and the lappet moth is Phyllodesma americana.

The adult, when resting on bark, is also cryptic. Note how the head is tucked down and hidden:lappetmothphyllodesmaamericana

Here’s another picture of the caterpillar; don’t ask me whether they can change colors (either within one period or depending on their habitat) or come in different colors”


h/t: Matthew

2 thoughts on “Spot the lappet moth larva!

  1. Gorgeous! According to my trusty Peterson field guide to Moths of NE North America, these are common moths all over the midwest to Canada and all the way east. Funny, I’ve never seen one…

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