New Year’s Cunk: she’s back!

January 2, 2016 • 12:30 pm

After a long hiatus, we have the welcome return of Philomena Cunk (and her less-funny partner, Barry Shitpeas). Both appeared on Charlie Brooker’s year-end “2015 wipe”, in which La Cunk makes four appearances. Three are below; I don’t have her and Barry’s take on “Fifty Shades of Grey,” but you can see it on the hourlong video, starting at 4:44.

The first clip is a new “Moments of Wonder,” this time dealing with feminism—or, as Philomena calls it, “femininism”. Warning: there’s a flash of nudity. Philomena appears to have flummoxed Femininist Lady; I wonder if these people know what’s going on when they agree to an interview with Cunk.

There’s also a nice liberal take on the European immigrant crisis. Note Philomena’s classic pronunciation of “money” at 1:21,

Finally, Philomena and Barry discuss Donald Trump and American politics; it’s great to hear a European take on our looniest Republican. I love Philomena’s comment on Trump’s coiffure:  “It’s not hair: it’s like a sort of furry gas. It’s like he was born with a squirrel’s tail and he’s bushed it over his head to pass among humans.” Brooker weighs in at the end.

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22 thoughts on “New Year’s Cunk: she’s back!

  1. If Philomela Cunk’s real name is Diane Morgan, what is the real name of Barry Shitpeas? The world wants to know.

    1. From the Wipe’s Wikipedia page :

      these sections often feature members of the Screenwipe production crew to illustrate points; for example, director Al Campbell as the half-witted satirist “Barry Shitpeas”,

  2. “When we had a female king.” CLASSIC. I shall try to remember to use that one, if the subject of Brenda rears it’s ugly head again.

  3. I love how she learns that male domination is based on these ‘fearsome and almighty genitals’.
    I also like how she alludes to the puzzle of mirrors. Odd is it not that they reverse left to right, but not top to bottom? (Actually not, but when I bring this up to people a few of them become completely flumoxed by it).

    1. Philomena has it exactly right: you see yourself back to front, i.e., the mirror reverses back and front.

      1. Just so. If a North-Going Zax bumped into a mirror, he’d think it was a South-Going Zax, not a North-Going Zax reversed left-to-right.

        1. Not so. A photo does that. Because the Zax itself rotates about the axis normal to the ground when reversing from northbound to southbound. A mirror image does not. All Zaxes are identical and have a blue left ear, and so they can easily distinguish a south moving Zax from their own mirror image when facing north.

  4. Best line: “This will be in a documentary in about 20 years’ time with ominous music on it, and here’s me watching it live!”

  5. The Syrian refugee story is great. It made me laugh and cry at the same time. Wish things like this could be seen by lots of American TV watchers (who after all may themselves turn out to be human, in spite of many indications to the contrary).

  6. I love Philomena, and the people she interviews can’t have any idea, because they look at her as though she’s just escaped from somewhere and they’re working on the premise if we keep her talking long enough her Nurses will find her.

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