Matthew Inman: a very short documentary

November 12, 2015 • 1:30 pm

If, like me, you love The Oatmeal comics created by Matthew Inman, you’ll want to see this three-minute documentary of his life, “My life in 171 seconds,” described on the Oatmeal page this way: “Saucony made a mini-documentary about my cartooning, eating, and running habits. This was shot in my house in Seattle, Washington over a couple of days.”

Be sure to read one of Inman’s latest and most poignant strips, “It’s going to be okay,” which has a surprise ending. And here’s one of my favorites (apologies if I’ve posted this before). Inman seems to have a love-hate relationship with cats, which you might see in the documentary above.


h/t: Diane G.

13 thoughts on “Matthew Inman: a very short documentary

  1. The smart bartender, when serving cats…would have a special bottle on the top shelf, something very expensive but just an empty refilled with water and a few drops of food coloring, and serve it in plastic shot glasses.

    …and then would make bank off of all the other patrons lining up to buy shots for the cat!


  2. Whenever I run, I think of his comics. They really seem to get at the heart of running, more than anything else I’ve come across.

    1. I think everyone should build motivation based on imagination. It makes all exercise easier. I imagine everyone watching me swim and I always swim faster. Then I pop my head up and realize nobody, not even the lifeguard was paying attention. Doesn’t matter I do it every time.

    1. The house fire and kitties is a very sad tale, but I LOL’d at the Braveheart William Wallace cat on horseback.

      Runners are a strange bunch. I’m currently sulking about not being able to run because I have an overuse injury from … running.

      1. First, I run quite a bit. I can do 2 1/2 miles at or faster than a 6-minute mile pace and then finish my cardio workout at around a 7:30 pace. While weighing 190 lbs.

        But I flipping hate running. Do people actually enjoy the act of running itself, or do they enjoy the benefits running confers?

        1. Personally I enjoy it. Don’t get much out of any other cardio, and I hate resistance training (though I do both for the benefits), but I run because there’s something about the activity that feels right.

            1. Is there any exercise you do enjoy? I’d want to enjoy swimming, but I never seem to get anything out of it other than exhaustion. I know others really like swimming though.

              1. I also frequently lift and bike, but now that I think about it, I’m not sure I can say I actually enjoy those activities, either. At least not if I’m getting a real workout. A nice, recreational bike ride through beautiful scenery is pretty great. I think what’s really going on in my head is that I enjoy being fit or the feeling of achievement enough to make all those activities tolerable.

  3. LOL. I did the “was fit when I was in college, gained 100 pounds while getting my Ph. D., gained another 20, then lost it all” in my mid 30’s.

    I run but now than I am in my 50’s, my running and walking times are comically slow. 🙂

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