41 thoughts on “God’s plan revealed at last

    1. Hitler was an evangelical with a military and a messianic fever to change the world.(His regime was a cross over between the Inquisition and Crusaders and the new age of biology and missiles.) By fire and blood. He sure did, but fortunately failed. Hitler made the mistake of thinking because he was smart in some areas, he was smart in others. After 1942 the British recognized this and stopped trying to kill him.

      If we aren’t careful we can turn into the next incarnation of the Inquisition and Crusaders.

        1. And there could be cool hats that have counter weights to aid the neck. Imagine tool use with a forehead arm!

              1. As an engineer, I can say that a forehead arm would be fairly useless for structural reasons. Any attempt to use it for exerting force (like lifting anything for example) would have to transmit the whole load through the vertebrae of the neck, which cause enough trouble just supporting the head. At most, a small tentacle for precise manipulation of small items might be useful, but even that would be better attached to the collarbone.

                Besides, anything attached to the forehead is going to interfere with binocular vision.

                taking things too literally

    1. I thought it was supposed to be a duck-billed platypus. There’s a meme that does the rounds every now and then with a picture of one that says something like – “God, you must be joking.”

      1. Why, I wonder, is it a duck-billed platypus, not a beaver-bummed duck(-ypus)?
        Cue Naked Gun jokes. More Naked Gun jokes.

    1. That’s been bugging me! But I don’t think it’s “forty two” because the character visible at the end is rather high, and the first character has a cross-bar attached near the bottom. Usually the cross-bar of an ‘f’ is high rather than low, and passes through both sides of the vertical line. Looks like it starts with an ‘h’ to me.

          1. Certainly not.

            Ho-Hos are the crappy ersatz version of Swiss Cake Rolls, and even then, any pre-packaged baked good simply cannot hope to compete with fresh items from a good bakery.

            No, Ho-Hos can’t be the meaning of life.

  1. We sure need a third eye in the back of our head. Who is going to engineer it into the human genome?

  2. Cool. I’ve already added this to my gocomics feed.

    And, looking back at the last few days, I found one that Jerry will certainly like, and that should amuse a good number of the rest of us.

    As you’ve gathered, I love comics, and if anyone has some good atheistic or anti-religious ones to point out to me, I’d really appreciate it. Of course, I know about Jesus and Mo, SMBC, and the Atheist Pig. Those on the same wavelength as I am may appreciate the series of Little Atheist cartoons, listed here (there are only 44 of them, alas).

  3. under “god’s plan” apologetics, everything is necessary and everything must be justified — for how can anything fall outside god’s “plan”?

  4. The kindest thing you can say about most people’s conception of God is that he’s shockingly incompetent.

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