Kin selection in waterfowl

May 24, 2015 • 3:15 pm

This is from the pond right outside my office. I can’t count the ducklings, but people tell me that there were once nine of them. There’s a slow attrition over the summer as feral cats, raptors, and male ducks kill them. I’m hoping we’ll fledge at least six.

(Poor quality attributable to my using my iPhone.)


And a bonus Leon monologue!

Leon: I became infected with the Sunday laziness.



13 thoughts on “Kin selection in waterfowl

  1. I just saw a pair of mallards on my creek with a single duckling! If they all survived we’d be waist-deep in ducks in short order.

    1. Waist-deep sir? The only thing waist-deep around here is the grass as it never stops raining.

  2. I have been stalking a pair of mallards at our local pond for a while now at a local pond. No ducklings in site.

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