Squirrely restroom signs

April 25, 2015 • 2:00 pm

Reader Dennis D. sent me a pair of restroom signs involving SQUIRRELS. They’re from Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona and are a bit off color, but funny. His notes:

I found those signs is a little sandwich shop called Gabriel’s Deli-Mart that is part of a gas station.  They make a pretty good hot & spicy sub there.  The gas station is famous for having been robbed by a woman using a toy penguin instead of a gun.
Men’s room:
Ladies room:
There must have been some incursions into the ladies loo!


32 thoughts on “Squirrely restroom signs

  1. I was just in Prescott a week ago today, playing a concert in the park in the gazebo with the Territorial Brass. First time I’ve been there in ages and I’d only spent a very little time there before…something I’m definitely going to have to remedy. Better, once the Mustang is on the road, I’ll have the perfect excuse…gonna have to break in the new engine, after all….


  2. I’m not sure what the female squirrel is supposed to be peering at — is it a purse? Without nuts?

    As for the “Absolutely No Men Allowed in the Ladies Restroom” addendum that’s a bit puzzling. Women are more likely to skip lines in crowded areas — but this is a gas station deli-mart in Arizona. My guess then is that the owners are making some bigoted point against the transgendered, in which case double nuts to them.

      1. Women often go into the men’s room when the woman’s room has a long line of people and the men’s room is nearly empty.

      1. Or maybe the male squirrel’s nuts? If you’ve ever seen a male squirrel in the posture of the one pictured, it’s pretty obvious that he’s missing his….


    1. You may be right, but I took it to mean that some men need a little extra clarification on what the signs mean.

  3. So when are the protests to begin. Textually defining women as nothing more than an attribute men have, and they lack, and then the frilly pink dress!?!? If these signs were on a public building they would undoubtedly get more attention by feminists than the treatment of women in Islam. :p

    1. The squirrels are identical except for their clothes, indicating a very restricted idea of gender indeed, and yes, of female as deficient male.

  4. I’ve recently been reading about Greco-Roman beliefs, behaviors and philosophies regarding men vs women.

    Men were dominant in the public sphere,superior due to their rationalality, masters at home over women, children and slaves, represented on herms by a nonspecific face and an erect phallus.

    Women’s roles were to stay in the privacy of home, be submissive, feel shame, not dress flamboyantly, not to participate in the public sphere, etc.

    The Greco-Roman standard was incorporated in the Christian faith by the early Christian fathers in about the 3rd and 4th centuries AD as they wanted to reserve all important church functions to themselves. Previously, when churches were in the home (rather than basilicas, modelled on Greco-Roman public buildings) women were priests, bishops, prophets, disciples, etc.

    1. Hmm…that might be right with respect to the pagans, but I’m not so sure about the Christians. I’d ask one of our resident Classicists for a sniff test before trusting that source. Or, of course, preferably, reviewing the citations of original sources for your confirmation. (The text does at least cite first- through fourth-century sources to back up its claims, right?)


    2. That is more what rich Greek women were like. Roman women had more freedom and it varies depending on when in Rome’s long history we are talking about.

      A good book about Ancient women is Goddesses, Whores, Wives, and Slaves: Women in Classical Antiquity by Sarah Pomeroy.

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