April 24, 2015 • 3:30 pm

Let’s end the work week not with a cat photo, but with a picture of the Official Website Sweetheart™.

Reader David, also a Philomena fan, sent me this picture taken from Diane Morgan’s recently-constructed Facebook page, which she introduced with the words, “Hello! Welcome to my Facebook page where I will post stuff about me, like a complete and utter narcissist.”

I want this shirt!


32 thoughts on “Philomena!

  1. I tried to find the Think Cunk t-shirt online (it’s by ‘martin Walkyier’), but google seemed very sure that surely I meant ‘Think Pink’ so I stopped because it seemed to be getting upset. I did find this one:

    The computer was invented by Charles Babbage in 1822, but it didn’t have a screen so no-one knew what it was doing — Philomena Cunk

  2. “Official Website Sweetheart™”

    I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that…not that it’s my call.

    How about “”Official Website Satirist™” or some such?

        1. If I think of something, design it on a computer and print it out in 3D, am I not objectifying it?

          But seriously, it is well established that to be able to kill someone (or rape or otherwise misuse them), one must first deny their humanity, treat them as an object. Doing that is objectification. (I agree that calling them “sweetheart” is only a very short distance along that path.)

          1. You’re describing dehumanization, which is something else entirely.

            The error here is thinking that assigning particular qualities to a person (such as “sexual object” or “romantically interesting”) somehow magically removes any (or all) other qualities. Human psychology simply does not work that way.

            That’s what’s meant with the term “objectification” in the context of the comment I responded to, and it’s a complete fiction.

      1. I sometimes call my husband or my son “sweetheart.” So I think of it as mostly neutral.

        (Then again, I can’t imagine a male bl*gger dubbing, say, Stephen Colbert an Official Website Sweetheart… 😀 )

        1. We need an official website stud to even things out a bit. Merilee wants Brian Cox but I am a bit partial to John Oliver.

    1. Well, I won’t speak for Jerry, but my impression is that Philomena was designated “Official Website Sweetheart™” because he suggested that he had a wee crush on her. Please correct me, Professor Ceiling Cat, if I misintepret.

      And in this instance, “crush” is pronounced “croosh” (rhymes with “moonkey”). 😉

    1. I once tried to cheer up an English professor by showing him the result of a rugby match between England and Wales. He was kinda down and England had simply crushed Wales, so I thought it might make his day a bit better.

      Turned out he was Welsh. Whoopsy daisy.

      1. I’m not as in tune with my Welsh heritage as I feel I ought to be, but I get the feeling that the sports rivalries are more important than the politics or the history. Which is why I do own an official Welsh rugby shirt. 😏

  3. My niece is contemplating an electric car, mostly to be able to use the carpool lane, favoring the Fiat, so I checked Car and Driver for their take on the topic. The Cunk moment came with the Mitsubishi i-MiEV: “No, it’s not a larger-than-life computer mouse”

    1. I think I read that same article. The BMW i3 is really lovely looking (I saw one at work) but I don’t want to give my arm and leg to own it.

  4. For Diane Morgan completists: I think she’s one of the newspaper reviewers on Radio 4’s Broadcasting House tomorrow (Sun, 9am BST – papers are normally in the 2nd half of the hour). ‘Think’ because I just caught it in a trail yesterday, and can’t find any list of who’s doing online.

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