The Daily Squirrel

April 13, 2015 • 3:30 pm

My squirrels are chowing down on walnuts like there’s no tomorrow, perhaps because it’s breeding season. This little girl may well be pregnant, and gladly accepted a nut from my hand. As a friend said, it looks like she’s playing medicine ball with me, and will toss the nut right back. Of course, that’s not gonna happen!

Squirrel Mon

26 thoughts on “The Daily Squirrel

      1. I think NewEngladBob is hinting he’d like to pay you a visit. He will bring a scraper, and a brush and a quart of off-white indoor, latex paint.

  1. It pisses me off that there is a bylaw in place, where I live, making the feeding of any wildlife but songbirds illegal. And I have a neighbour who has every bylaw memorized

    1. If feeding birds is legal, that should be enough. The squirrels usually manage to get more than their share and are oblivious to bylaws.

    2. We only feed the birds, but the birds feed the sqirrels by throwing half the seed and nut pieces in the feeder on the ground. Might be a way around the bylaw? Are they going to come and fine the birds? Grouchy neighbours are another matter, though. We used to have one.

  2. Very cute, though I’m thinking I’d use squirrel feeding tongs. I wouldn’t trust them cute squirrels not to go, well, squirrely on my fingers.

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