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    1. JAC has done a lot to earn our trust but I’m really hoping for some more background on this choice as well. Because elephant?

      1. Well, I just found this site that explains some of this. There are sometimes legal culls of herds and hide is used from that.
        “The source of all African elephant skins come from culls once the elephant heard(sp)reaches destructive numbers to African tribes and nature. It’s very similar to our deer season in the United States. Without culling, African tribes would loose their homes and possibly become trampled to death. Designers, manufactures, and leather enthusiasts should not feel emotional or have guilt for using this leather as we are not creating a demand rather using a by product. We deal with reputable international partners who abide by all regulations and we never sell poached hides. “

      2. I’ve explained this several times before, but it’s been explained below. These hides are legally imported because they are from official culls meant to keep populations viable. I do not own boots made from hides of endangered species or from species illegal to possess (i.e. sea turtle, rhino).

        1. Thanks! I imagine you must have dealt with it a few times already and I do trust your views on illegal or unethical animal hides, but it’s still nice to have a concrete resolution to my cognitive dissonance 🙂

  1. Is there maybe some connection with Harvard and the cowboy boots? Probably a psychological discussion there.

          1. By employing sophisticated bootology, Randy has redefined stupid as “good looking boots I wish I had.”

            1. Sorry, you all got the wrong impression. The Stupid part was removed and long gone thanks to professor ceiling cat.

      1. Thanks — but I’m curious, what could someone say about this photo? A nice photo of a nice boot on a nice person’s foot. What’s not to like?

        1. Do not worry yourself. It is all gone now.

          It could be though, that the indent is not working….

  2. I wear boots in cool weather, but not western. When temperature averages 75F and higher, do you still wear boots? Airy shoes or sandels are my preference then.

  3. The reply indenting doesn’t seem to be working.

    From the chatter on the comments threads, the livingroom seems as if it’s being visited by some spill-over from the squidly site — or something. Maybe it’s just your increased popularity and reach …

    1. See above. Pinker’s boots are from legal elephant culls, just as all elephant hide is imported into the US. They’re no different from leather boots. And if you object to either, you really need to go to another website.

  4. I know it’s not logical, but I’m just a teensy bit disturbed by boots made from elephant hide. That is what they are,isn’t it?

  5. Are you and Prof Pinker independently fans of boots or did one influence the other?
    I see a 2006 reference to Pinker in boots.

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