Darwin Day 2015 at the Dinosaur Discovery Museum in Kenosha, Wisconsin (and at the University of Southern Mississippi)

February 4, 2015 • 11:32 am

by Greg Mayer (and Professor Ceiling Cat):

Darwin Day, Feb. 12, is fast approaching, so start making your plans now. The Dinosaur Discovery Museum in Kenosha, Wisconsin will be holding its event this coming Saturday, February 7, from noon to 5 PM.


There will be educational displays (including live herps), activities for children, videos about evolution from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Chris Noto and I will each be giving public lectures during the afternoon. Chris’s talk will be on  “What the Fossil Record Tells Us About Evolution”, while I’ll be speaking on “How Evolution Works”.  My talk is at 1 PM, Chris’s at 3 PM; each should be about 30 min.

If you’re in southeastern Wisconsin or northeastern Illinois, come by to join the festivities!


Professor Ceiling Cat will be lecturing on Darwin Day in the Deep South, my favorite place to spread the gospel. I’ll be talking about the evidence for evolution and the religious pushback against it, at the University of Southern Mississippi on February 13 (announcement here). There will be books on sale, and the good Professor will sign them; if you say “Felis silvestris lybica” (the wild ancestor of the house cat), you’ll get a cat drawn in your book.

I was going to combine this with an eating trip to nearby New Orleans, but discovered to my horror that that’s during Mardi Gras, an awful time to be nomming in The Big Easy. However, I’m told that Hattiesburg, Mississippi has two world-class barbecue joints. Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Darwin Day 2015 at the Dinosaur Discovery Museum in Kenosha, Wisconsin (and at the University of Southern Mississippi)

  1. Are no events scheduled for the Museum of Tomfoolery in Kentucky? You would think Ham would want to manipulate the mediaa attention.

  2. Hattiesburg is not far from Weeziana and Lake Pontchartrain, so there should be great seafood noms, in addition to the barbecue. It will also be crawfish season, supposed to be a good one for 2015!

    Now I’m hungry for a shrimp po’ boy … dammit.

  3. Coming into New Orleans during parade season isn’t too bad depending on where you want to go eat. You just have to avoid the parade routes and it isn’t too arduous if you have patience. Still, if you are going to visit our region for the cuisine there are better times to do it to avoid the masses. The week after Mardi Gras is great because it is pretty darn quiet around here.

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