February 1, 2015 • 5:57 am

It’s still coming down, we’re predicted to get between 8 inches and a foot of it, and most flights are cancelled at O’Hare and Midway airports. I knew it was going to snow, but deliberately avoided peeking out the window so I could be surprised when I went outside. And, when I walked out the door to work, there it was:


Our lovely campus enrobed in white:


Tea time’s over—back on my head. But I’m going to make some hot chocolate.

Out in the Chicago suburbs, reader daveau, also an early riser, sends a report:

Here’s Merlyn this morning, helping me fill the bird and squirrel feeders.

Can you spot the other cat?




31 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. look amazing, in the south of England we do not seem to get much snow these days. Winters tend to be more mild.

  2. I’m just a little downwind of you in Fort Wayne, IN, and so far we’ve only gotten about an inch. But it’s supposed to continue into Monday morning with accumulations up to 13 inches. Looks like my teacher wife will get another day off.

  3. Beautiful photos!

    The forecast is for a high of 73F here today (and yes, I’m in the US) – I’d love some snow, except that would make it impossible to go visit my horse at the boarding ranch. At least the roads will be relatively deserted around S*per B*wl time.

  4. So far it’s only a couple of inches. It’s supposed to take a break around 2:00, then come down all night again. I’m on the NW side, near O’Hare. This is a daily ritual for me and Merlyn. He inspects the yard while I fill the feeders. When all is well, we go back inside for our own breakfast.

  5. We have more bad weather on its way this week as well. Last week was bad for snow and I was commuting into the Toronto area; each snow day brought one fatality in the wee hours. Very sad.

    The nice thing about the drive was coming home I saw solar pillars a couple of times & once I saw a solar pillar with sun dogs on either side. I couldn’t take a picture (since I was driving on the highway) but I’m going to check my dashcam to see if it managed to capture the phenomenon.

  6. My 6.40pm flight out of O’Hare became an 8.35 departure somewhere during the night. I don’t hold out a lot of hope that I’ll get there today. If they are going to cancel it I hope they have the decency to do it before I trek across to the airport.

      1. Didn’t need to they cancelled it. Leaving tuesday lunchtime now – which cuts my time at the meeting a bit. Never mind. My concern was that it would still be listed as going and then wouldn’t – has happened to me more than once.

        Just walked down to the shore of Lake Michigan in Evanston and was unable to see the lake for all the blowing snow. Was tolerable until we passed the last house by the lake and the wind really hit us. So I bought more beer and will sit and watch the TV. My son looked at a texted photo of people on cross country skis on Forest Ave and wants to know why I decided to move here.

        1. I hate when you struggle to get somewhere & just as you get there, the authorities decide that’s when they are going to cancel/close. It used to happen to me going to university a lot.

  7. I’ve been out shoveling it this morning. With the wind, it is going to be a job I need to do ever couple of hours today.

    1. You’re just ahead of us here near Lake Ontario. The weather map shows you guys blasted with snow and it is just getting to us. It’ll be my way by later this afternoon. Forecast calls for this crap to bother me for my drive in in the morning.

      1. Actually I lied – I should start getting this snow in a couple of hours. Ugh. I’m already tired of winter.

  8. The snow is beautiful, lovely photo of your campus. Here on the Canadian prairies, it’s sunny and really cold today.

    I will never think of my afternoon tea quite the same way now!

  9. Got the same storm that hit Chicago only a few hours earlier in western Iowa. Very wet snow, about 6/7 inches. Have to fire up the tractor and clean off the road later. Also had to get the snow off the satellite dish or no television. Not much loss there. Feed the birds and the cats.

  10. LOVE the two campus pictures, specially the second one, such a serenity. I do feel artists need to have purist hearts to create great works. 🙂

    It’s such a pleasure to stay at home with leisure, after a long sleep, and a cold day that in one moment I feared my face skin could be damaged by cold. I still have the warmest cold I ever have, which I bought from TJ Max in Chicago, should I wear it going out? It may look weird, cause cold days in New York can’t rival with the Midwest winter. 🙂

    I love chubby grey cats, they call themselves cats but they act like dogs. :))

    1. We were just at the vet yesterday. I’ll have you know that he lost 6 oz. since last year. 😉 But, yeah, he’s almost like having a d*g. Only quieter.

    1. I’ll join in the smug, as I planted carrots, radishes, and snow peas in my backyard raised beds today, under blue skies and temperatures in the low 70s. Also harvested part of a large dill plant that had blown over in a rainstorm last week, and then made dill-tahini sauce to go with greens (mustard, collards, kale) picked from the aforementioned raised beds.

        1. A colleague moved back to England that year. In Canada it was a very mild winter. He bragged about using his Canadian snow shovel. P

  11. It has been disconcertingly war and dry in NorCal this week – over 70°F most days. We got a big tease with two weeks of wet weather (more rain than the previous 12 months combined), followed by some brisk mornings, and good snowfall in the upper elevations. But nothing for the past month. We are considering artificial turf – I fully expect water rationing this year.

    Not that brunch wasn’t pleasant today! I think I’d rather have cold and wet now and save the shorts and flip-flops for May.

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