17 thoughts on “Kangaroo v. Drone

  1. The cheaper drones that use your Android or IOs device as a remote, use ultrasonic sounds to tell it how close it is to the ground. Animals hate it! My dog will angrily bark at it & try to bite it out of the sky.

  2. Is this kangaroo the ‘grey’ species?
    In any case, chalk one up for native marsupial dominance over the placental mammal interlopers. Hoo-aa!

  3. Considering Arapaima’s catching insects, or cats striking birds in flight, being airborne clearly gives no immunity from ground attacks, particularly at low altitude. The Indonesian archer fish even shoots projectiles (ic. water drops).
    Since kangaroos are notorious ‘hoppers’ it would have been wise to have kept to a respectful attitude ;), methinks.
    Well done, Roo!

  4. I agree that the mother was exhibiting a protective response because of her joey- there are probably birds of prey that harass or attack baby kangaroos. I’m not at all happy with the trend of “drone-people” that seem to think having one is a license to bother wildlife, invade private property, and disturb the peace and serenity of our national parks and public lands.

  5. “And I for one, welcome our new marsupial overlords.”

    Admit it Grania, you were just itching for a chance to use that line… 😉

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