December 12, 2014 • 2:07 pm

Owls are, of course, Honorary Cats™, being the most feline of all birds. Several days ago, Bored Panda published a collection of 74 nice owl pictures. I’ll show just a half dozen of my favorites, but the site has 68 more. If you’re an owlophile (I’m sure there’s a technical name for this), go see.

Look at this little guy (is it a saw-whet owl?)! It’s from hometownperch:


Takeoff in the snow; from imgur.com, with the caption

The northern Hawk Owl is an explosive killer, and extremely hard to capture. 1/2000 of a second shutter speed and 5 hours in -22 Celsius got me the shot 🙂


From Austin Thomas, who says this is “A little owl out for a stroll.” He’s strutting his stuff!


From Donald M. Jones (species, please?):


A great horned owl from Peter Krejzl:


From Strangetravel.com; can you spot the owl?


h/t: Su

32 thoughts on “OwlFest!

    1. We had a very owl like cat too. It’s the wide eyes and angry eyebrows that do it. I wonder if I have a picture somewhere…

  1. 1) Northern Saw-whet Owl Aegolius acadicus

    2)Northern Hawk Owl Surnia ulula

    3) Borrowing Owl Athene cunicularia

    4)Given that it’s perched on a spruce tip I call:
    Boreal Owl Aegolius funereous
    but Graham could be right, hard to tell apart.

    5) Great Horned Owl Bubo virginianus

    6) Great Gray Owl Strix Nebulosa
    Can’t you see I’m invisible?

  2. Oh come on, that first one can’t be real! His prey must think “Even I have to admit, you’re ridiculously cute.”

    And am I the only one who hears “Eye of the Tiger” playing with picture no. 3?

    Love owls!

  3. I fostered Ethelred, a “pet” saw-whet, for a couple of months a few decades ago. Cute little bird, especially if you’re into musical-saw music. His mom was a shrike specialist, who took the owl on after a road accident made it impossible to rehab him to freedom.

  4. So looking up cats that look like owls (few compete with my long dead cat… I’ll have to find a photo), I ran across this interesting photo of an owl snatching up a cat:


    Yikes! And that led me to this story of a d*g (I’m not sure if the tiny beastie in the story really qualifies) being picked up by an owl:


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