What I feel like this morning

November 10, 2014 • 4:08 am

. . . like Buster the raccoon, who doesn’t want to get up to go out. I don’t know much about this procyonid except for what it says in the YouTube video, but he clearly wants to sleep in.

Buster the Raccoon aka “Butter Brownie” (because he is so soft and sweet) doesn’t like the cold weather…. We had to motivate him to get up…..with treats! https://www.facebook.com/bustercoon

All I know is that since I started the Albatross a few years ago, I’m up at 4:30 seven days a week, and my body is so attuned to that schedule that I can’t sleep any later. Maybe now I can get back to a life that resembles that of normal people!

20 thoughts on “What I feel like this morning

  1. Try not to let normal be the use of an alarm. Let the body rise when it wants and if that means going to sleep earlier, so be it. Working hard on an Albatross helps since that would tend to put one near hospitalization-exhaustion every night before bed.

  2. I wish I was a morning person. It’s a struggle for me to get up at an hour that doesn’t make me look completely lazy even though I try to go to bed early (sometimes I can’t sleep like last night when I couldn’t get to sleep until ~2 am).

    That racoon is cute but honestly, who is going to get up with humans patting it and talking to it sweetly? It’s just not exciting enough to move and he’s getting pats.

  3. When medical folks ask me if I have any allergies I reply none except to getting out of bed in the morning.
    Thinking about Jerry’s prodigious work output makes me feel tired and sleepy but the prospect of reading yet another interesting commentary or cat feature keeps me awake.

  4. There’s nothing unusual about sleeping less as you get older. I go to bed around 10pm and often awaken around 4:30, close to 5:00, sometimes even 4:00. And I usually feel wasted when I get up no matter how long I slept. I don’t know what Jerry’s retirement program is like, but after the book tour next year he might want to consider using it if he can.

  5. My father used to talk about me:” hero at night, lazy bear in the morning”. I was quite a chatter at night, it was hard to get me to sleep. Also, it was hard to wake me up in the morning. But, I was very neat when I slept, whatever the shape of the quilt was, the quilt remained the same shape when I waked up. :))

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