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  1. I presume that many or most here are familiar with the fact that there are not one, but two sets of “The 10 Commandments” in the bible (the better known in Exodus 20; the lesser known in Exodus 34), but just in case you don’t, and are interested, there’s some amusing commentary at Positive Atheism here.

    1. of course. I believe it’s only the second set that actually sets them apart from the 200+ commandments/laws of this bible. the first 10 in Exodus have nothing to separate them from the loads of silly and vile laws.

      1. Sadly the dropped tablet laid out heliocentrism, the periodic table of the elements, genetic inheritance, and the germ theory of disease. Oy is right! That farshlugginer</em) Moishe!

  2. The other five commandments involved critical information regarding celebrating the Feast of Unleavened Bread, tearing down the sacred poles of the inhabitants of the land, refusing to make cast idols, redeeming the firstborn of a donkey with a lamb or you must break its neck, and abstaining from boiling a kid in its mother’s milk.

    Alas! Imagine how much better off we all would have been today had Moses not dropped these absolutely crucial elements of an enlightened society.

    1. When Moses trashed the first set, I wonder if there were any translation errors in the second set like Joseph Smith’s experience?

      1. If they were made of adamantium they would have different commandments on them.

        Au, though chemically inert, would be a mechanically bad choice. PtIr alloy would be preferred (…which is what the archaic kg in a Paris vault is made of).

        Religious people are such dumbasses when I think about the artificial burden they place on their lives supplanting rational ethics with barbaric infantilism.

  3. Great, reminds me of my dad’s old joke…’Moses came down from the Mount and said ‘I got good news and bad’ The good news is that I got HIM down to 10..the bad news is.. adultery is out!

    BTW The news show 60 Minutes with Michael Usher, just did an scathing investigative report of John of God on 10/26/2014, prior to his arrival to Australia in Nov 2014. Calling John of God’s pretend medical treatment horrendous and barbaric! And grilling him about his sexual molestation charges and the great deal of money he makes(in the millions) by fooling sick and desperate people with absolutely no creditable records of healing treatments! A must see for all who consider going.

  4. Assume you could go back in time, you are a basically kind person and you have only the knowledge that is common today
    => What 3 pieces of information – moral guidance and or scientific knowledge – would you add to the bible to make life better over the last 2000 to 3000 years?

    1. 1. Thou shalt not own slaves.
      2. Women and men have equal rights.
      3. Diseases can be prevented by proper sanitation, good diet and vaccinations. They are not caused by God’s wrath, witchcraft, or other supernatural reasons.

        1. I think “Dudes, you determine the sex of the child, so don’t murder your wife is she has a girl” might have been handy as well.

  5. Sorry for the off-topic post, but I thought this might be interesting RE: the similarity between cat breeds.http://news.sciencemag.org/biology/2014/11/genes-turned-wildcats-kitty-cats

    Basically, after whole genome analysis between 22 domestic cats (of 6 breeds) and 4 wildcats (2 breed of F. silvestris), they determined the positive selection genes in cats are much more modest when compared with dogs. It makes sense due to the time of domestication. But they also note the lack of strong selection for morphological characters and the limited isolation from wild relatives.

    In other words, humans haven’t really cared what the cats looked like, unlike dogs, and didn’t care if they interbred with other domestic cats or wild cats for much of their history.

    There’s some really neat research in the paper too. I’m working on a write up of it.

  6. Hey, I posted this months ago! At http://wearedone.org/?p=228
    Not bad for a secular Italian with a love for Jewish humor, Lenny was/is my hero! And Mel and Shecky and Norm Crosby, and Jacob Maza from Sheboygan! Cant remember the big guy, dry humor, Jackie Vernon? Jack Carter. Oy. Henny Youngman “Take my wife, please….”

  7. 😀 There were twenty originally, but the film crew was slow and Moses, being an I’m-In-Charge type wouldn’t wait.

  8. Having watched Brian Cox on “Human universe” talking about the solar location map on the Voyager Probe Golden record, I wonder if such a diagram might have been more useful on the tablets of stone than the second attempt 10th Commandment as seen in Exodus 34v26,”Do not cook a young goat in its mothers milk” [use a slow cooker with olive oil, onions & carrots instead]

    How come the tablets of stone went missing (last reported as being in the Ark of the covenant in the temple) and none of the Bible authors even notices or at least never comment? If the Bible tales had been real wouldn’t there be real angels guarding the real tablets on display in a museum to this very day?

    It would have been useful to have instructions for making lenses for telescopes and microscopes.

    A real god wanting the commandments to circulate could have given them in three languages on same tablets like the Rosetta stone to aid translation, could have had Egyptian hieroglyph, Hebrew and Greek.

    Interesting to see real life extant law codes e.g Hammurabi code of 1754 BCE, also the ancient Egyptian 42 negative confessions (though they weren’t a law code as such)

    11th commandment: Observation beats revelation any day.

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