My interview for Skeptical Briefs

November 4, 2014 • 2:07 pm

Skeptical Briefs is a newsletter that goes, four times yearly, to the Associate Members of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, which also publishes the well known periodical Skeptical Inquirer. In the latest issue I have a two-page interview conducted by Brazilian writer Felipe Nogueira, who was clearly well read about my stuff before me interviewed me.  Anyway, you can’t read the whole thing online, so I’ve put a screenshot below and will mail anyone a pdf of the full interview if asked.

But the full interview is also on Felipe’s website, Skepticism & Science, and you can also see it as a video on YouTube (it was conducted on Skype).  I’d recommend the written version, since I hate seeing myself on video.

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10 thoughts on “My interview for Skeptical Briefs

  1. Those questions are great. A journalist asking about Mayr vs. Dawkins? Way to go!
    Its clear from the text that his first language isn’t English, but that’s a minor quibble and actually somewhat cheers me up, because I expect that this means the article will also appear in Portuguese, thus reaching a wider audience than an English-only interview.

    1. Technically, I’m not a Journalist.
      I have a master degree in Computer Science and also I am PhD Student in Medical Sciences. I have been a very dedicated reader of the skepticism/scientific promotion movement.

      You’re absolutely right; my first language is portuguese and not english. Here in Brazil, as far as I know, its difficult to meet people even with my level of english. That is sad.

  2. Interesting example/argument for why phenotypic (as opposed to genetic) change is not a good “unit” to measure evolution — the Japanese population gaining 6 inches in height since WW2 due to better nutrition is a phenotypic change, but no one would count it as evolution. (19 mins)

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