38 thoughts on “Is there any hope for this kid?

  1. “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

  2. Maybe the kid is just rockin’ out. At least there is no speaking in tongues.

    I find it funny, however, that WordPress believes the Post “An Inbred Cat” is related to this one.

    1. If you look around enough, you’ll probably be able to find a vid of kids talking in tongues; they start them out early on that, too.

    2. Over the last 25 years I have read roughly 8 combination autobiographies/critiques by people who have abandoned fundamentalism, so there is definitely hope.

      My 3 favorites:
      “Trusting Doubt” by Valerie Tarico
      “Fleeing Fundamentalism” by Carlene Cross
      “The Mind of the Bible-Believer” by Edmund Cohen

    1. Yes. Though I was raised without too much religious indoctrination, there are a lot of commenters on this site wo tell of overcoming their fundie handicaps. Anyway, this kid could be swaying to Fleetwood Mac for the difference it makes to the child.

        1. You can pop up the letter ‘h’ key, and look at the little switch that it operates. Sometimes this can be fixed just by cleaning out gunk.

    1. … such as Christianity.

      (Sorry, couldn’t resist that).

      You could be right about the kid, but I don’t know whether it’s possible to tell.

      But the kid is reacting to the rhythm, not the message, as Timothy said it could as well be Fleetwood Mac.

      P.S. Who’s the wally waving the red flag in the background.

      1. Actually quite normal behavior for a toddler that age. They imitate any motions they see around them. As was said, had the child’s famly been rock aficianados, you’d see the kid dancing like Snowball the cockatoo.

        1. I agree that imitating the adults around them is normal for toddlers. My 20 months old daughter recently started to put every cloth, blanket and scarf she can find over her head – both of her nursery-school teachers wear the hijab…

          1. As long as she doesn’t start praying…

            My friend’s little grandson saw her tucking a kleenex into her bra and he started trying to do it and of course if fell right down.

      1. Or they’d wandered up to the front to be touched by the pastor as they tend to do.

        I know it’s copying behaviour, but I still find it horrible. I can imagine the parents looking on proudly with that revolting look people who have been brainwashed get.

  3. The local religious station here (Eugene OR)that is run by the Adventists airs a program “Tiny Tots for Jesus”, which is a sickening half hour of indoctrination of toddlers–get them when they are VERY young
    Nothing too low for these folks

  4. Hector Avalos started out as a child evangelist. So there is hope for this kid, though the odds probably favor life-long religiosity.

  5. That is possibly one of the creepiest things I’ve seen on the internet. The poor little sod’s just copying the behaviour of the adults around him but it ends up looking like the little newborn adult from The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. Unnerving.

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