xkcd on the Colbert Report

September 4, 2014 • 10:57 am

by Greg Mayer

The other day Jerry announced the “trippy” launch of Randall Munroe’s new book What If, based on one of our favorite comics, xkcd. Last night he was interviewed by Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report (see video here).

Randall Munroe on the Colbert report (screen shot from Digg).
Randall Munroe on the Colbert report (screen shot from Digg).

He unfortunately seemed very nervous and shy, and I think Colbert bungled the questioning a bit. I couldn’t find an embeddable video, so click “see video here” above to see the clip.

8 thoughts on “xkcd on the Colbert Report

  1. I’ve never seen Stephen C. have to stammer during an interview, but he does several times during the miscued timing here. It doesn’t hurt my love for xkcd or opinion of Randall Munroe, but I did hope everyone in Colbert’s audience would fall in love, too.

  2. The video only plays in the US, alas.

    But I am glad Munro is getting prime-time attention. He has a unique talent, and I defy anyone to not enjoy his output.

    1. I can watch the video in France. Actually, I liked it very much, and was not bored at all. As you would expect from a guy who draws something as original as XKCD, he behaves very differently from your average Colbert guest. For one thing he was not constantly laughing and seemed determined to answer as serious as possible.

    2. You probably have a network in Ireland that carries the Colbert Report. If you do, that’s where you’ll likely see it. The same thing happens in Canada because a Canadian network carries it. It’s okay if you live either in America or a country that does not carry Colbert.

      Wow, that was redundant of me.

      1. If you live in Ireland it is assumed by Comedy Central that you live in the UK and that you have a TV.

        Which just goes to show how wrong the internet can be.

  3. Yeah, I’d lay that at Stephen’s feet, too. If Randall stumbled, it was because he was trying to lean on Stephen.

    Still, he Randall obviously had a very supportive and knowing crowd in the audience, and that came through loud and clear. I don’t think his fish-out-of-water performance is going to hurt book sales.


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