The most interesting d*g in the world

September 3, 2014 • 7:55 am

Several readers sent me this, and although it’s a few years old it seems to be going viral right now. At any rate, it appears to be a sign showing four activities prohibited in a park, but unfortunately combined into a single image. What they’ve done, apparently, is to ban only skateboarding d*gs who are having a ciggie and a glass of wine. Someone thought they had a bright idea, but it was an epic fail.

Now this may be a fake, but somehow, given human nature, I doubt it. I couldn’t find the location through a quick Internet trawl, but I’m confident that some reader will either give the location or show that this is bogus:


46 thoughts on “The most interesting d*g in the world

  1. So, if I taught Baihu to skate and were cruel enough to get him drunk enough to try smoking, we could do it at that park.

    …I think I’ll take that one on faith, come to think of it….


  2. Why is it a fail? It’s funny, and if you’re not bright enough to interpreted it than probably no sign would be clear to you.

    1. I agree. It’s more attention-getting than a standard sign would be. You noticed it, so it succeeded in what it was supposed to do.

      1. I reckon Americans are looking at this with the overly litigious eye of their society. In NZ it’d just be funny too, and make its point. Also, it doesn’t cross Aussies and Kiwis minds to ban guns in the park, as no-one considers taking a gun in the first place. I can see it wouldn’t work in the US though.

  3. If they’d just stuck with the d*g and skateboard, it would’ve been believable.

    My second thought is that this isn’t an “unfortunately,” it looks intentional. Drawing the dog with one front leg up is the giveaway.

    1. I’d believe that except for the skateboard. Yeah, that’s it, it’s completely believable save for that. 🙂

        1. Despite the dangers, Hitch is one of few people I would never want to see wearing a helmut on a bike. That would just not be right. Like Einstein, his brain is just to massive to be constrained.

          How did the picture get embedded?

  4. I suspect the creator was a fan of the old “Not the Nine O’clock News” tv show (where Rowan Atkinson rose to fame).

    They had a sketch where they showed signs prohibiting dogs, skateboarding, smoking, and fishing in a park, and followed it by pulling a dog along on a skateboard, with a cigarette in its mouth, and a fishing pole attached to it.

  5. I know WEIT is not inclined favourably to d*gs, But a d*g that goes skate-boarding, and drinks a good burgundy? And sticks up a good Havanna?
    Should that not be encouraged? Would we not love a d*g like that? Would that not civilise the species involved?
    [D*gs should be moderate with alcohol anyway, they have tiny, tiny livers].
    What if it had been a cat instead of a d*g on that plate?

    1. We don’t know that that’s a good Havana, much less a cigar. It could be a Swisher Sweet, a brand that, I hear, is much beloved by d*gs. And the glass may well be holding Two-Buck Chuck, not a find burgundy. In the absence of more solid evidence for the drink and the smoke, I withhold my approbation.

      1. To be fair, Two-Buck Chuck is generally Three- or Four-Buck Chuck these days. And, one must admit: it’s far superior to both Welch’s and Manischewitz!

        …then again, so is cough syrup….


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