Note to readers

August 12, 2014 • 2:20 pm

I would recommend that when you leave a comment, you also leave a working email address that you always check. Several times this week I’ve tried writing back to a commenter, asking them to rewrite their posts to remove invective, obscenity, or other unnecessary language. And in several cases those posts were returned as “email unknown.” People are using made-up emails, which is okay—unless you want the possibility of being contacted by the Management.

So if you wrote something that didn’t get posted, and it was basically okay except for invective or name-calling, you’ll know why.

And don’t worry about disclosure of email addresses: my policy is never to do that unless they involve a direct threat of violence to me or another commenter.

4 thoughts on “Note to readers

  1. Just a query: I don’t really know how wordpress works; I’m guessing that you as administrator can click on the commenter’s username and pull up an email? If that’s the case my email should be valid. Not that I ever say anything objectionable! 🙂

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