Spot the nightjars!

July 6, 2014 • 9:56 am

[JAC: Here we go again! I can’t stop the man. . . But don’t spoil it in the comments just yet; you can say if you’ve found it, but all will be revealed in time ]

by Matthew Cobb

Two for the price of one, both posted by @ProjectNightjar on Tw*tter. The first is pretty straightforward:



32 thoughts on “Spot the nightjars!

  1. Making either photo into a 1000-piece puzzle would provide an extremely difficult and gratifying challenge for the jugsaw afficianado.

    The loathsome damned things only frustrate me. As does trying to spot this bird that allegedly is within the photo’s. I stress “allegedly.”

  2. They can’t be real nightjars, they were too easy to find. Natural selection would eliminate their genes from the population quick-smart if they persisted in lying around in the foreground like that.

  3. I found the first one, maybe the second. I’m always worried that there is no nightjar, meaning I’ve been staring at a picture of plants and dirt for ten minutes.

    1. If Matthew ever does that to us, I’ll suspect he is pure evil, which I will respect somehow because well played.

    2. You suddenly made me second-guess the last one.

      Dammit, Frank! I already broke out the bubbles!

    3. Haha sorry about that! Sometimes after the reveal, I realize the nightjar I thought I saw was a rock. So now I’m more uncertain.

  4. The first one was easy, the second one took me several minutes, but I got it. My problem is that now I’m seeing the third one…

  5. Bean tree leaves? Around here last year’s Arbutus leaves are falling and look much the same. If there are nightjars here, they are much better at hiding than these ones.

    Both are facing to our left.

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