Chopra and Cox enter the box

July 2, 2014 • 9:33 am

Well, Brian Cox has taken the heat off me, for he and Deepakity are going after it on Twi**er.  Cox even got invited to Chopra’s WooFest, but refused:


The video Cox refers to in his first tw**t is Eric Idle’s new song for the Infinite Monkey Cage, Cox’s show:

h/t: Matthew Cobb

25 thoughts on “Chopra and Cox enter the box

    1. That was a nice move! And the Yoda-style quote has more wisdom embedded in it than anything Deepakity has ever uttered.

  1. I wondered whether Prof CC would pick this up. A creative troll retw**ted some Derpak inanities and copied Prof Cox for an opinion.

    Which, obviously, he gave. Including a link to a paper which is, to someone who doesn’t know particle physics, completely incomprehensible!

    Hence Derpak’s Maru-ing. He’s been served but I don’t think that he’s aware of the fact.

  2. Brian Cox for world president.
    Loved the image of him gazing at the cosmos with his mouth open.

    1. Ha, I like that part too. Great video.

      Brian Cox for world president x 2.

      In about 4 minutes Brian Cox gave me a great puppet song about the universe, wisdom via Yoda speak, and such funny pokes at Chopra that one envisions a lion playfully pushing a mouse around with a finger – not really interested in destroying it, just amused.

  3. “the Infinite Monkey Cage, Cox’s show”.

    For the record, the show’s hosted jointly by Brian Cox and stand-up comedian and science-populariser Robin Ince.

    Just thought I’d mention that as Robin Ince has brought me many hours of entertainment via his talks for Skeptics in the Pub and by the mammoth task of organising an annual Christmas entertainment at London’s Apollo theatre in aid of the Rationalist Association (“Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People”) [No mammoths were harmed at any point during the production].

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