11 thoughts on “Chicago: storm

  1. Us too (Minneapolis). 3 inches of rain in about 8 hours yesterday morning. Very, very soggy around here! On the plus side, our drought of late last year is over!

    1. But with heavy rain after drought I would expect a lot of run off & less filtering into the ground?

      1. Not so much: We have pretty good percolation in our soils. Very good vegetation cover too. (We typically get between 20 and 32 inches of rain per year, depending on the location in the state.)

        But there’s been so much rain (the airport got almost 4 inches yesterday; it’s laready rained a lot in June — record pace) that the soils are saturated and therefore we’re getting higher run off.

  2. I keep hearing tales of these far-off exotic lands where water falls from the sky, yet I still cannot quite bring myself to believe them. Sounds too muck like other tales of streets paved with gold.

    (And why would you want your streets paved with gold, anyway? Wouldn’t they be even more painful to walk on than asphalt? And I’m sure it wouldn’t be good for traction.)


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