Is the devil in Lebanon, Missouri?

June 10, 2014 • 5:07 am

Here’s an update on the poll taken by the Lebanon Daily Record on Principal Lower’s graduation prayer.  As you may recall, the paper polled readers about whether Lower’s prayer was appropriate for graduation.   You can see the results by going to the Lowery-loving column by Katie Hilton, “Hats off for Lowery!“, and then clicking back to “home” at the upper left to see the poll’s results at the bottom of the front page.

A reader informed me of the results, sending a screenshot a few minutes ago.  Curiously enough, they were firmly against Lowery’s behavior.

But what is really funny is one datum: the percentage of respondents saying that Lowery’s remarks weren’t appropriate. Here’s a screenshot I just took:

Picture 1


66.6%: The mark of the Beast!

Coincidence? Or is Basement Cat in Lebanon? You be the judge. I would, however, urge the residents of the town to think about the meaning of this omen.

I should also note that Lebanon is famous for having been a stop on the old transcontinental highway, Route 66.

From the Route 66 Museum and Research Center
From the Route 66 Museum and Research Center ( Not MY town!

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    1. Puzzling to me too.
      In the words of a (IIRC, German) car advert of a few years ago, “spik inglish, boah!”
      I believe the advert was a parody on a TV show. I forget the name – Boss Hogg, plastic tits in a halter top see-me-give-yah-heart-attack, homosexual attack car ; still can’t remember the name – General Lincoln?
      Are they *sure* that we speak the same language?

  1. Katie Hilton shows her ignorance of biology AND of the First Amendment. Intelligent design is NOT a scientific theory and there are no scientific theories contradicting the Theory of Evolution, which Katie incorrectly refers to as “Coyne’s Darwinism”. I’m surprised her editor didn’t catch that, or is her editor scientifically illiterate as well? Lowery most certainly did violate the Constitution, and did it in a dishonest way. Public prayer in the classroom of a public school by a teacher was ruled unconstitutional in 1963. Katie then suggests scientists have no say in social issues: “I think Dr. Coyne should stick to monkeys and their uncles”, in response to a posting by Coyne, which she referred to as a “rant”. If anything was a rant, it was Katie’s bit. That Katie’s position is out of step, even in Lebanon, is illustrated by a recent poll that showed 66% of the respondents felt High School Principal Kevin Lowery acted inappropriately.

    1. Uh…. the poll is not a poll of Lebanon residents. It is a poll of anyone on the Internet who happens to visit the page and click.

        1. The tentacles are rising, I’m sure. I have been invoking the Squidly One (blessed be his hectocotylus, the ultimate fire-&-forget procreation method) for other reasons all day. His baleful eye is upon us.

  2. The most rational explanation is that three votes are counted in total, and two of them are pro.

    2/3 =66.6% 😀

    Of oourse, if you round it properly, it is 66.7, but hey, the devil is in the details.

    1. Rationality.
      Personally, I come here for wild speculation, totally unfounded in the material universe which you inhabit. We don’t need your type of mafermatykal reesunning here, thnaks!
      Someone put another gin in my gin. Cheers!

  3. South African secularists and atheists find it só extraordinary that the country regarded as leaders in science can be so “religeous”! How is it possible that almost 50% of Americans still believe in this imaginary friend is beyond comprehension. Maybe it can be ascribed to their arrogant perception that they are the middle of the universe. Thanks Dr Coyne for trying to save some face for your countries bigots.

    1. Not really such a dilemma. Since scientists are a relatively small subset of any nation ‘s population there are still plenty in that upper 50% to pick from.

    2. With all due respect, unless you meet a variety of people, then it is NOT irrational to assume that you (and your environment) are fairly close to normal.
      Which is why the top 3 rules of any cult include at least one version of “prevent your followers from communicating with people outside the Faith”. Often several versions.
      Communication is something that they are in mortal fear of – and I use “mortal” in a literal, not a figurative sense. Communication is pure poison to cults. All of them, including the popular ones.
      (I leave, as an exercise to the student, why the so-called “cult of science” does encourage, vigorously, communication.)
      sorry, been doing too much teaching work recently. And the gin bottle is nearly empty.

  4. Basement Cat, always on the lookout for places digging deeper holes.

    Lebanon is famous for having been a stop on the old transcontinental highway, Route 66.

    Is it a coincidence then that Lowery got deep-6ed at Route 66? I think not!

  5. When Route 66 was converted to I-44 in the Lebanon area back when I was in college some 40 years ago, my brother and I “borrowed” a couple of Highway 66 signs the day before they were to be taken down. One of them even had several bullet holes in it. I think they’re in my brother’s basement somewhere–we still haven’t returned them. You can drive the original Route 66 roads, by the way. They are now used as the access roads running parallel to I-44.

  6. I have also driven that stretch of I-44. It is notable for the number of large billboards featuring scriptural quotations & other sorts of polemic, urging passers-by not to have abortions or divorces. Then, every few miles, there is a large sign advertising an ‘Adult Superstore’.

  7. According to an episode of QI that I saw a little while back, the number of the beast is in fact 616 (666 being down to a 3rd century typo, or some such) and if Stephen Fry said so then it must be true…

  8. Ah the tides have turned.

    As for the 666 coincidence, that percentage would probably have come and gone in a very short time. Just fluke that the person who took the capture happened to click on the page at the right time.

    Nothing supernatural there, move along.

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