Chicks at the FalconCam

June 4, 2014 • 5:24 am

The live (peregrine) FalconCam in Fargo, North Dakota, is well worth watching these days, as the parents have hatched three fuzzy chicks, now about a week old.  I took the screenshot below a few minutes ago, and all the chicks were rolling around like dust bunnies. If you click on the shot, it’ll take you directly to the cam.

Screen shot 2014-06-04 at 7.20.21 AM

It’s worth checking this cam from time to time, not only to watch the chicks grow, but to see the magnificent parents tend and feed them.

6 thoughts on “Chicks at the FalconCam

    1. I’ve been watching the falcons since Dr. Coyne posted his first link. The three chicks hatched Memorial weekend (5/22-5/26). Both male and female falcons are excellent parents. Yesterday I watched while the father guarded the nest as mom took off and quickly brought back a small (dead) bird to feed them. Mom would give the dad part of the dead bird and he would feed the chicks as patiently as mom would. As their eyesight improves, the little ones are definitely getting louder!

  1. I have been enjoying the peregrine-cam at my home institution, the University of Illinois at Chicago (several miles north of our host’s location at the University of Chicago). There has been a nest on our administration building each year since 1999.

    I think that watching wildlife cams is one of the best uses of the internet; there are several that I check on regularly. I love seeing their numbers grow every year, and the improvements in the technology.

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