Ed Kagin died

March 29, 2014 • 6:08 am

I haven’t seen an official announcement of this, though Al Stefanelli mentioned it on his Facebook page, but Ed Kagin’s Wikipedia page does give Thursday as the day he died, and so I’m putting up this brief announcement.

As many of you know, Kagin was the founder of Camp Quest, the first secular summer camp for kids, was the legal director of American Atheists and on the board of the Secular Student Alliance, and was twice named Atheist of the Year.  The Wiki page lists many of his other secular activites. He was one of the good ones.

h/t: Miss May

9 thoughts on “Ed Kagin died

  1. That is sad. Just yesterday I learned that the daughter of a guy who works with me is attending Camp Quest this summer. She is all excited. I’m nearly as excited to finally know someone who is attending. (I’ve sent them contributions from time to time. It is a great program.)

      1. Of course nobody looks forward to death. But, given its inevitability, wouldn’t you rather have a legacy such as Quest that you know will continue on even as you don’t?

        Given that immortality through living forever isn’t an option, immortality through one’s works is the next best alternative — and, in this case, it’s a damned good one.


  2. I stayed over at his house a couple of nights only a year ago, as his guest. I am stunned by the news. We even went to the local atheist meet-up. An eccentric, but inspiring individual, that left me with several personal memories. One that the American atheist movement will really miss.

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