Interview with the Thinking Atheist

February 11, 2014 • 10:16 am

Tonight I’ll share an hour-long radio show with Seth Andrews, the host of the podcast “The Thinking Atheist”. The topic will be evolution and its creationist detractors, and you can hear it live here at 6 pm Central Time (US), or download it at some time later.

After some discussion of the issues, there will be call-ins, my favorite part. The number, given at the link, is (347) 637-3611.


10 thoughts on “Interview with the Thinking Atheist

  1. The intellectual distance Seth Andrews traversed since his days as a Christian radio host in such an extremely brief amount of time before beginning his prolific & quality Thinking Atheist media endeavor is … miraculous. Andrews intends to provide a service and does very well at it.

  2. I love his voice! He is a good interviewer. I even recommended his interview of a methodist minister to a devout methodist friend.

  3. Nice job, Jerry, especially since the majority of callers seemed a bit unfocused. It has to be difficult to respond to folks when they aren’t centered on a specific topic (at least, it would be for me).

  4. I don’t see the episode on the site — presumably, because it hasn’t been archived, yet.

    Any chance you could remember to post something when it’s available?



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