Mr. Squirrel has a postprandial nap

January 28, 2014 • 12:35 pm

One thing is for sure: even though it’s wicked cold, the squirrels are out foraging when they can. Lots of them are raiding the buffet I’ve set out for them on the windowsill, and they’re gorging themselves like pigs.

Since I’ve scraped the snow off the sill, and it faces south, sometimes the squirrels have a little nap after their feast of nuts and seeds. I photographed this guy (or girl—who knows?) a few minutes ago, curled up and enjoying what warmth he can extract from the weak sun. The remains of his repast are at his feet.

Thanks to reader Rik, who cleaned up the photo for me:


14 thoughts on “Mr. Squirrel has a postprandial nap

  1. Squee! How adorable that the squirrel is taking a nap in the sun! I’ve seen them lay flat on fence posts in the summer which is cute too.

    I’m glad you look after your squirrels.

    1. Do you think that Islamic states will be implementing a “Great Wall of Internet Pork”, to compete with the US’s “Great Wall of Metadata” and China’s “Great FireWall”. All to protect people from being offended, of course.
      I feel impelled to the market, for the making of a bacon toastie.

    1. For more manna. Which luckily for him, is not coming from that YHWH type. This stuff doesn’t spoil overnight if he stores it.

  2. NYT page C4 item today

    “Tale of Magical Squirrel Takes Newbery Medal”
    by K DiCamillo. Flora and Ulysses is the title.

    Just thought you might like to know….

  3. Well, it’s -14C (6F) here in Pittsburgh, having gotten up to -12 earlier today, but the woodpeckers have been and still are having at the fresh pork fat I put out last night. Squirrels get fed from my oak trees in more clement times of the year. In such times as these they get fed further down the street.

  4. I made friends with a female rock squirrel who had babies under the house at the ranch. She would sit on my knee and eat pecans. She became fairly habituated to humans. In the heat of the day she would lie belly down, all spread out, on the relatively cool concrete of a porch in shade.

  5. I’m sitting here tying to think of some way you could get some warmth out there on the ledge for them…but everything involves an electric cord. I’m thinking you’d have to build something un-chewable, and how to do that without it becoming a fire hazard is above my pay grade.

    But maybe somebody else has some ideas.

    Oh — and, about the glare from the window…there’s no graceful way to do that in post-processing without a fair amount of work. But, you can usually eliminate it at the time you take the picture by shading the glass. Doing so may or may not be practical, of course…but one option would be to tape a towel to the glass and duck under it when you take the picture.

    Also pay a bit of attention to what it is that the window is reflecting; moving that object or covering it with something dark or the like might also be “good enough.”



  6. Sleep? Ha, silly atheists!

    The squirrel is clearly praying to the Almighty, thanking His Squirrelyness for the blessed meal he has been given.

  7. I would have assumed that squirrels in northern climes would hibernate. I’m wrong again! But, I’ve learned something.

  8. If you can affix lens filters to your camera, I suggest a polarizing filter. It will cut the glare on most windows as well as add great color (Landscapes and skyscapes in particular)to your photographs.

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