16 thoughts on “Chicago: Thursday sunrise

  1. The temperatures right not are not bad here along Lake Michigan. It is the sidewalk ice that will kill you. (Deep-frozen sidewalks and melting snow = many an unhappy fall)

    1. That’s true. I’m OK with the cold but the messy sidewalks are a pain. I would prefer if the temperature stayed below freezing all winter.

    1. God loves you but He never intended people to live in places where ice is found outdoors. That’s a Sign that you should move south, and if you continue to ignore the Will of God peril will be upon you, sinner. God wants you to move to El Centro or Holtville. Maybe Yuma. Someplace like that.

    1. I think this was the first morning the arctic high pressure system started to move enough for the sky to have any appreciable clouds. It was followed by four days of temps in the upper 30s and some rain, so most of the snow is gone. I’m sure we’re not done with snow and subzero temps, though.

      1. There you go again, perpetrating this myth of “negative temperatures.”

        Still, when you return the sunrise, feel free to hang onto the snow. No, really. We’re good here — don’t need any, thanks.


        1. Which is exactly why I propose a move to Kelvin. 247K sounds so much toastier that -15F. And I feel compelled to point out, good sir, that this sunrise belonged to Chicago a full hour and 15 minutes before you saw it in Tempe. We win. Did you not get that box of snow I sent you?

  2. Hey,is was +42°F (+5°C) here yesterday! Finally back to something more sane. The good thing about the cold snap: They think it will kill off a great percentage of the emerald ash borer larvae in Minnesota.

    1. Here in southern British Columbia (inland a bit) the temp last night went from 3 degrees C.to 9 C.in an hour. It’s presently 10 degrees C (50f) A very strange phenomenon – This is not chinook country.

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