Here’s the nightjar

January 9, 2014 • 11:17 am

Matthew has had problems trying to post the picture of the nighjar, so I’ll just append the photo he sent me and his cryptic note:

Here you are. Problem is that it’s not hi res, so when you enlarge it it’s tough to see. I’ve put a pixellated version on left of image. Head is to the left.

The square inset in the upper left is apparently the pixillated nightjar, which is circled in the original photograph.  You can make out the head and body if you look hard.


7 thoughts on “Here’s the nightjar

  1. Ohhhhh, there it is! That was not one of the 3 spots I picked, but you can see it quite clearly if you look at the original picture and use this one as a guide.

  2. Sheesh…I looked for it for about 5 minutes this morning and never found it. I just showed the original picture to my wife and she found it in 5 seconds.

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