11 thoughts on “Here’s the nightjar!

  1. I’m glad I just showed up for the reveal, I can’t even see it with the oval around it. I’ll have to take your word that that is a Nightjar, looks like a rock.

      1. The pink oval is drawn pretty much equidistantly around horizontal birdie. The dark patch on the left is its face marking below the left eye (right eye not visible as this is a side view); the back and wings are kinds stripey; the tail is light-coloured and intersects with the very base of the black twig.

  2. So, neither of the things I thought might be a nightjar were a nightjar. Sigh, I am indeed terrible at these things.

  3. Astonishingly, I saw it almost immediately when I saw the photo earlier today. And I’m usually terrible at this.

  4. This confirms a suspicion I’ve had about a major error in the currently accepted phylogeny of the vertebrates. The night jars are actually sister to the mud clods and are not closely related to birds at all.

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