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  1. Nice! I got a cup with dinosaurs on it and when you out hot water in it, the dinosaurs become dinosaur skeletons!

    1. I got something similar – thermochromic dyes – for the wife’s “Secret Santa” thing at her work. Good fun ; don’t know how long the dyes will last for though, it’s probably rough on them chemically.

      1. They last pretty well, just don’t put them in the dishwasher. I have a tardis one as well – when you fill it up with hot water, the tardis “moves” from one side of the cup to the other.

        1. … *without* passing through the intervening space. Or time.
          I was escourting some Germans around Edinburgh today and we kept on bumping into Tardises. I mean police boxes. But the Germans didn’t know enough about Dr.Who to see them as being interesting.
          Which probably explains something about Germans. Or Dr.Who.

          1. Which reminds me of an episode of Doctor Who I watched recently where Martha Jones transports herself outside Nuremberg with the Osterhagen key & she hears Daleks barking out commends in German. I especially liked hearing them say exterminieren in bad German.

            Enjoy for yourself here.

  2. The artist appears to be Tom Duffy, according to a lot on eBay.

    “1961 (the last year that appears the same when inverted)” … in some typefaces!

    No cat photo from me; just Christmas felisitations!


    1. 2002 works in digital-clock font.

      And I hope 1961 is not the last such year ever, and that there are still people around (and keeping calendars) in 6009.

      1. Not inverted, rotated (through 180 degrees).

        I think 1881 was the last year that appeared the same inverted (and rotated), but only in a sanserif font.

  3. Which reminds me to ask Prof. Ceiling Cat: Are you familiar with the deluxe version of “Bob Boots” (as sold on Robert Redford’s Sundance website)? They run about $800 a pair, and MIGHT be very nice (though rather plain). . . .

    1. I have the cheaper version that I got on eBay for a song when those boots were made by Ammons, a great outfit. It’s okay, but very thin deerskin and has already torn in several places. The thin sole (which is on both versions) looks nice, but won’t stand up to much wear. The deluxe version is overpriced, although it could be well made depending on which quality of craftsmanship Lucchese uses (they make three grades of boots, only the top grade of which is decent). But I doubt it’s worth the money, and I wouldn’t be interested.

      1. I just ordered a pair of Lucchese boots. How does one know which of the three grades each boot is? Thanks in advance…

        1. Lucchese Classics, the top of the line, are the only ones worth buying these days. The 1883s, probably the most common ones people buy, are not well made compared to other handcrafted boots. This is, of course, my opinion, but the price differential reflects the quality.

            1. Good news for me, my boots are made in the Classic’s construction. They’ve recently launched their own website shop that has boots unavailable elsewhere and all the boots have the Classics construction. Check it out.

  4. Just think how many boots you’d have now if you’d gotten your first pair @13!

    Meanwhile, wore my black eBay Dan Posts to Daughter of Hempenstein’s wedding on the 14th. Only black pair I have, and the pair that fit the best as well. Sometimes-Girlfriend of Hempenstein wore her black eBay (forgotten by who) boots too.

  5. So, that’s Prof.CC in the picture. You’d have thought they’d stretch to a Daguerrotype at least for such an event as his first kick-equine boots.

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