A farewell to foxes

December 20, 2013 • 2:26 pm

Well, there’s one more post to finish off Fox Week, which had a hiatus. Here we have a video of a pet fox sent in by reader Diane MacPherson who, as we know, has no lack of enthusiasm. Her note:

OMG this little fox is so cute! This is a longish video at just over 9 mins but I could watch this little female fox all day playing in the house. Towards the end “Vixey” gets groomed & eats at the table:

And indeed she does.

More from Diana:

Here is the accompanying Website: I use Google Chrome as a browser & got it to translate the page from Czech to English & it appears that Vixey was a little female fox that these people rescued from a fur farm in Czechoslovakia and they wanted to show these videos and pictures to increase awareness about the cruel conditions at fur farms.


I (Jerry) translated it using Google Translate, and got the following.  It’s semi-coherent, of course, for these translation programs are far from perfect. But the video is good.

Welcome to Vixey.cz

Web not only the life of an extraordinary fox

Dear Readers!

These websites are devoted mainly to our unusual home companion – lištičce behalf Vixey . She , like many other foxes born in appalling conditions in one of the fur farms in the Czech Republic , where it subsequently came into our care . Although it is not a pet in the true sense , certainly worth the attention it this way , not only fans of all animals, but especially common reader. It is not a coincidence that our Vixey found a better and happier home . The aim was to rescue her and actually still is mainly to draw attention to a serious issue that the fashion and the associated fur industry represents . Each year, only in the Czech Republic for their fur killed 50,000 animals. Animals , like our dear Vixey .

What do you find here ? In addition, many information lištičce Vixey and her life in our household here you can also view her rich gallery that is irregularly updated with new photos and funny videos . Read here also you of important information on the issue of fur farms and fur industry in general, including the message that we , along with Vixey through these pages like to pass on to others. Finally, here you can use the foxhole , which is a forum designed for all fans lištiček , which offers space for a wider debate not only about foxes , but also to everyone else what to do with these unique animals somehow related.

We hope that you will enjoy these pages and that you Vixey story will appeal enough to have our thoughts remain positively inclined . That you will like them even to the extent that you said about them and their friends and continue to spread our message . I believe that it can be much easier to reach the end completely unnecessary cruelty to animals on fur farms once and for all . Because the person who can realize the terrible suffering of animals on fur farms have certainly never any product made ​​of real fur buy , certainly not with a clear conscience.

16 thoughts on “A farewell to foxes

  1. There’s a definitely feline quality to her graceful movements and to the way she plays and reacts to grooming. In that she reminds me a lot of my lovely little cat Grisélidis.

  2. This is such a heart-warming video; I love it. Vixey is sweet and full of fun and energy. She’s lucky to have such a great life. Is that her own bedroom and bunk bed, or what?!

  3. Thanks to Diana for this engaging video.
    Vixey indeed seems very catlike, especially when leaping about the furniture at top speed the way my Max does. I wonder what the laws might be in the US about having one as a pet. California law even forbids keeping ferrets.

    1. Foxes are not to be pets. Exceptionally, if rescued from some dire circumstance, they might be tamed and kept by humans, but they are wild animals and belong in the wild. Their beauty and cuteness do not justify “petifying” them.

        1. In Afghanistan, where I was in 1971-1972, they had the coldest winter in 25 years. I bought myself a long fur coat to keep me from freezing. It was made of silver foxes, the pelts were much lighter in colour than in the illustration at your link. It certainly saved my life. Silver foxes were abundant in the wild there and were hunted, not farmed. As the pelts were not all that well tanned, after some fifteen years or so they began to deteriorate considerably. The coat became unwearable, didn’t smell too good, and ended up in the trash.

          I was very young when I was there, in my twenties, and did not have the same conscience as I have today. Nowadays, I wouldn’t dream of buying a fur coat. At most, a sheepskin coat with the wool on the inside.

  4. I grew up and spent 37 years in the frigid winter tundra of the American North. We did not have a lot of money and made due just fine on layers without fur. No excuse for the pain and suffering all “fur” animals go through. Part of humanity involves making due with sources that are humane.

  5. Cute animal!

    But this

    a little female fox that these people rescued from a fur farm

    I guess is an euphemism for that they stole an husbanded animal.

    I’m not sure what to feel about that. But I can’t condone it by being silent.

    I’m glad they didn’t let it loose to starve to death as the violent activists often do with farmed animals locally [Sweden].

    But I want to draw my line against using violence and perhaps non-parliamentary, non-legal methods at trafficking – freeing slaves is not much of a problem.

    1. That was a bit of a leap. Their website says this (translated using Google so it’s a bad translation):

      As already mentioned, the main pillar of this project is indeed a living fox obtained the agreement from fur farms.

      So, they got Vixey legally and didn’t steal or do anything violent. They appear to have gotten her as a kit as well from the photos on their about page.

      1. I should add, my bad Google translation also says:

        I finally, after several months of effort and many a disappointment managed to get the fox gold, in agreement with the owner of an unnamed fur farm near the city of Brno, which foxes such as one of the few acts. A small cub, we got custody of 25 April 2009 and from that date is taken care of her with all the love.

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