It’s snowing

December 14, 2013 • 4:47 am

It’s a slow news day (although cats are in the offing), and so there will be fluff—literally and figuratively; and I have a book to write.  I will report, though, that we’re getting 1-3 inches of snow at the moment, shown in the first photo, taken on the street a few minutes ago.  The second I took a couple of weeks ago but forgot to post. It’s just a tree at dawn, in the fall, lit from below by floodlights. Both were taken with a cameraphone.

photo 141

photo 140

11 thoughts on “It’s snowing

  1. Nice evening street shot.

    Snow is awful. For the last week I was spared but everytime I drove just 45 minutes north, there was a bunch of snow to drive through. Now I got it where I live and had to drive through it last night for about 30 minutes before any plows or salters had been out. Happily, people learned from accidents early in the season & remembered to slow down with snow because there can be black ice. I did see some doofus almost slam into a car when he floored his Mustang and came flying out of a parking lot side ways.

    1. What’s with these idiot drivers, anyway? What does it take for them to learn, eh?
      Oh, and I heard from a family member about this associate whose car a flew up a snowbank and rolled over, during one of those snow days in 2012. Well, turns out this particular doofus has snow tires on, but every single one was a different make and size!

        1. I shit you not, that’s a full twenty degrees warmer than it is right now here in the middle of the afternoon in the Sonoran Desert.

          Of course, it’s still lovely weather. I’ve got the front door open to let some fresh air in, and Baihu and I are likely going for a walk later this afternoon.

          Looks like we’re in for a bit of a warming trend this week; should make it up to 79 by Tuesday.


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