19 thoughts on “Mallard explosion

  1. It’s been proven over and over again that the so-called “Mallard Explosion” was merely an artifact of Noah’s flood.

      1. This photo was taken from my main duck blind. There is excellent duck hunting here, as you can imagine. I more like the idea of duck hunting than the actual killing, but when a friend with a good retriever comes by it’s on.

    1. Nice bloodless explosion.

      I was expecting at least one shoveler or wigeon, but I can’t find any. Not even a coot.

      1. We get occasional wigeon and coots. No shovelers that I’ve seen. Some mergansers, and cinnamon teal in the fall. Mallards and Canada geese are the major targets for game-bird waterfowl. Lots of protected trumpeter swans. Snow geese, but not an extraordinary number of them.

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