Ratite boots

November 19, 2013 • 5:32 am

It’s not easy to find full-ostrich boots.  Surprisingly, ostrich is one of the toughest hides there is, and these boots, Lucchese “San Antonios,” probably from the 1970s, are built like a tank. And they have seven rows of nice stitching.

Boots 1

boots 2

Yup, it’s ostrich all the way down.Picture 2

21 thoughts on “Ratite boots

  1. Very pretty! I am a great shoe destroyer… I walk hard & fast & everywhere. Maybe an Argentinian WEIT reader can get you boots made from Rhea pennata! 🙂

  2. Lovely ! Galápagan lovely — ALL !

    (Well, I do not recall ostriches on the islas ! but O, yes, the Other ! = as I trekked around the Archipiélago in … … boots ! [ o’course ] )


  3. I am sort of envious – I was an unconditional boot wearer but could never afford real cowboy boots… and now that I do have a wee bit of money tucked away, I can’t purchase any because here in Switzerland there is only one width size which is rather narrow, and my feet have broadened over the past ten or so years. So, I’ll have to content myself with admiring your stupendous collection!

  4. Wow, the artwork on the shafts surprises me. Ostrich can’t be tooled in the normal manner (I’ve dabbled a bit in leather tooling). Is that machine embossing, Jerry?

    1. Oh, now that I super-magnified the picture, I see that it is the seven rows of stitching you referred to that makes the design. I’ve never seen that method before. Thanks for showing these, Jerry.

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