Lunch with the Friendly Atheist

August 11, 2013 • 12:06 pm

It’s weird that I’ve lived in Chicago for 26 years and never met Hemant Mehta, especially given our common interests. That was fixed today, as Hemant was kind enough to drive to Hyde Park from Napierville so we could have lunch and a chat.

Hemant Mehta

We talked of cabbages and kings, and he brought a copy of my book, which I signed and adorned with a felid.  And yes, he is a friendly atheist.

24 thoughts on “Lunch with the Friendly Atheist

  1. Did you follow Hemant’s dietary practices during your lunch? I’m going to pop over to Friendly Atheist and see if he says anything about lunch over there.

    1. Mr. Mehta’s website THE FRIENDLY ATHEIST is great; I click on it every day. It’s filled with the latest happenings in atheism (and
      related) from around the country and the world with links to great video and articles. Check it out!

        1. Well, he didn’t know if he was coming at all, so I ate lunch early, and so I had an organic yogurt. Hemant had a grilled eggplant sandwich, so he might be a vegan or vegetarian, but I didn’t ask.

          1. I was vegan for four years and vegetarian for 10+ years, now I eat anything under the sun, but I still get at least two eggplant dishes a month…along with my grains…from Johnny Walker…long live Hitch.

          2. Great! Glad to know you’re a cheap date. When I come to Chicago I’ll take you to Balena on Halsted, but eat before I pick you up. That way I can have a bottle of Vitanza Rosso Montalcino and the leek ravioli all to myself! I’ll probably cave and let you have a forkful of tiramisu.

  2. So how did cabbages enter into the conversation? I haven’t heard any exciting news about cabbage recently, unless you count brocolli.

  3. … and he brought a copy of my book, which I signed and adorned with a felid.

    Tit for tat. Did Hemant sign a copy of Oculoplasty: Innovative simpler techniques for you?*

    *Yes, I realize it is probably a different Hemant Mehta.

  4. I had met each of you, JC at a Harvard lecture and HM at Greg Epstein’s place. Zero degree of separation, I guess.

  5. God revealed himself to me. It was beyond anything I could explain. I was alone and never felt anything that could compare to this!

      1. I am very well schooled in nutrition and physical fitness, bodybuilding. I never get constipated in fact I am completely regulated 3 to 4 times per day. So that answer is defeated. No, God exists, and I pray someday that He can touch and open your heart to His presence.

        1. However, your reading comprehension may need to be checked. I was suggesting that you likely hadn’t had constipation so you wouldn’t know if the “feeling” you experienced was similar or not. Also, I provided hopefully helpful links so that you may be warned that professional help may be indicated.

          On the off chance that you are being willfully ignorant, let me quote in a similar vain from your comment:

          No God exists

          Cheer up! At least you’ve got that part correct.

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