Cornell HawkCam is back!

March 18, 2013 • 10:06 am

Last year, as I recall, we followed the adventures of the two red-tailed hawks at Cornell, Ezra (male) and Big Red (female).  Well, the hawkcam is up again and alert reader Kevin informs me of this:

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed but Big Red and Ezra are back at the Cornell Hawk Cam [JAC: live video at the link]

They moved nests this year so the cam was down for a bit while they put new ones in, but there are currently two eggs.  Of course, the real action won’t start for a month or so, when we’ll get to see the usual pile of innards and pigeon feet cluttering the nest!

Here’s a screenshot. I’m not sure what the egg gestation time is for Buteo jamaicensis, but I’m sure one of our readers can tell us when the eggs are likely to hatch (one egg was laid March 15, the other yesterday).

Picture 1

18 thoughts on “Cornell HawkCam is back!

  1. One thing I’ll say about this Cornell RTH cam is that these guys are much more active, interesting, and entertaining than were any eagle or peregrine or kestrel cams I looked at. If anyone has to pick one to watch, I would say this is the one to pick. There was a lot to learn about development, and it was easy to see on these guys.

          1. Well they can grab nuts too.
            What on earth did you think I meant?
            I’ll just sit here then, licking my eyebrows.

  2. The new hawk cam is still in the center of campus, a couple hundred meters to the west. And it’s very close to a building; that’s Weill Hall in the background.
    I see the snow has started.

    1. I’d just like to second the awesomeness of the NCTC, in every regard. The Am Chestnut Fdn has had its meetings there several times, most recently last fall, and I wish they’d meet there more often.

  3. The Cornell Lab heron cam is also up and running, but no herons yet. They won’t arrive until the end of the month. That nest has new cams and promises to be another excellent view into previously difficult to observe behavior.

  4. I don’t know how to add a link, so if anyone would like to see the bald eagles nesting near my home, search baldeagles/NorthFortMyers. Ozzie and Harriet
    have been raising Hope and Honor who are about ready to fly.

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