End-of-quarter boots

March 12, 2013 • 4:13 am

Tomorrow’s the last lecture I give this quarter in my Ecology & Evolution course (I teach the evolution part), and it may be the last lecture I ever give to undergraduates. Even though the weather’s dire (cold and drizzly), I decided to wear a decent pair of boots.

Guess the hide (click to enlarge):


24 thoughts on “End-of-quarter boots

  1. All this, and you have time to polish your boots, to boot!

    it may be the last lecture I ever give to undergraduates.

    Duly noted. Wazzup?

  2. Since undergrads are in the minority at the U of C, so should we assume that this just means that you’re rotating into the more numerous grad courses?

  3. Fabulous boots! I have no idea what they’re made of, but they’re certainly worthy of this special occasion. I feel sad for the undergrads that you won’t be teaching in person, but I have no doubt WEIT will be on any future required reading list.

    My hope is that this change in teaching schedule will give you more time to write–a sabbatical would be marvelous. If not that, more time for your own research and for dissertation supervision.

    1. No, that wasn’t in poor taste. The guy is dead now and beyond hurt ; if his family and friends are deluded about the contempt in which he was held outside his self-selected circles, then they’re going to be educated one day. Sooner or later, it’ll happen.

  4. Has Jerry been sequestered? Perhaps the message of this post/photo is that he’s being booted. Hope not 🙂 He’s probably going to the Princeton Institute For Advanced Study. Einstein’s former office is being refurbished in anticipation.

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