LOLzy publicity: 50 Shades of Evolution and a meme

January 14, 2013 • 9:49 am

This is a real Facebook exchange which I have permission to share. A student was reading Why Evolution is True in public and was accosted by a stranger. She recounted the experience on Facebook, with the replies given (identities hidden to protect the evolution-friendly):


And meme of the day on Facebook’s “Great scientists and inventors“, where I don’t really belong! (But given that, I won’t quibble about “elucidating on”. . . ).


h/t: ZF, Grania

25 thoughts on “LOLzy publicity: 50 Shades of Evolution and a meme

    1. Indeed. After evolution achieved the highest scientific status there is according to known scientific method more than a century ago, that of a well tested theory, it has never stumbled – it is still a theory.

      That is a fact that should be trumpeted out over and over again – evolution, still the fact: of the process, of the pathway of the process and of the theory observing the details of the process.

  1. The fact that we DID evolve is not going to distract us from the fact that you have apparently stolen someone’s cat.

    1. The fact that we DID evolve is not going to distract us from the fact that you have apparently stolen someone’s cat.had your lap temporarily appropriated by a cat who considers you her (?) resting place.

      Fixed that for you

  2. The massive popularity of both 50 Shades of Grey and the Twilight books is very strange.

    Can we conclude from this that teenage girls all want to stay virgins but that adult women are all bondage freaks?

  3. I can’t imagine looking at someone reading a book, and, based on their reactions, trying to guess the book. Unless maybe I had only read two or three books in my life….

        1. My feeling too. If she had been reading 50SoG was there a predictable other way the exchange was supposed to go? (If I were heterosexual, I’d run a mile from a woman who was reading 50SoG.)

  4. if you wanna get really kinky, try The Evolution of Primary Sexual Characteristics in Animals, edited by Janet L. Leonard and Alex Cordoba-Aguilar which I picked up for a steal at Half Price books. It’s got it all: “An ancient indirect sexual model: single and mixed patterns in the evolution of scorpion genitalia”, “Post-copulatory sexual selection in the Coleoptera, “Sexual conflict and the intromittent organs of male birds”, not to mention lots of dirty pictures and drawings of lots of the naughty bits!

  5. I like some one’s definition of Fact. A fact is a theory so well supported that it is foolish to try to falsify it at this time.

    1. That’s good. Using ‘hypothesis’ rather than ‘theory’ would make it almost trivially true, but lose the funny recursion.

  6. The fine print below Jerry’s Facebook quote describes him as “prolific.” I’d always assumed he was “prochoicic.”

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